Quick Answer: When Will Joker Be Released On Dvd?

When can I rent the Joker?

Update: As of December 17, Joker is now available on VOD, and you can purchase the film on Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you purchase digital content. The Joker DVD and Blu-Ray will be available on January 7, 2020.

Is the Joker Batman’s brother?

That’s right: Batman and Joker are half-brothers, at least according to Penny. The movie never explicitly makes clear whether that’s true or not. Arthur, donning a red clown nose, pays a visit to Wayne Manor and performs an impromptu magic show for an enthralled young Bruce Wayne (played by Dante Pereira-Olson).

Is Joker removed from Amazon Prime?


Who will play Joker next?

Joaquin Phoenix will surely be back as Arthur Fleck, aka Joker, and according to the first reports of the sequel in 2019, Warner Bros had a sequel option in place for the star to return. Given his performance won him an Oscar for Best Actor, it’s no surprise Warner Bros would like to strike gold twice.

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What Joaquin Phoenix did for Joker?

To get into the character of Arthur Fleck, Phoenix lost 52 pounds for the role by eating a restrictive diet that was supervised by a doctor. Phoenix said the weight loss gave him a sense of control and the confidence to dig deep into the Joker’s persona.

Will there be another Joker with Joaquin Phoenix?

While director Phillips has categorically said “ we have no plan for a sequel ”, that the film is “not set up” for a second serving and that they “pitched it as one movie”, the first movie ends with Arthur at Arkham State Hospital where he escapes from a therapy session, leaving bloody footsteps in his wake and many

How much older is Joker than Batman?

The Joker was initially depicted as being much older than Batman. However, The Killing Joke presented his origin as a young comedian with a pregnant wife, and he was about 25 in it. This was nine years before the common DC canon, making him 34 now, so maybe the Joker is the same age as Batman.

Is Joker adopted?

Discovering the truth – he was adopted and abused as a child – sends Arthur over the edge: he suffocates his schizophrenic mother (Frances Conroy), stabs a former co-worker (Glenn Fleshler) who gave him that gun, and discovers his relationship with Sophie Dumond (Zazie Beetz) was a lie.

Who is Joker’s father?

Brett Cullen portrays Thomas Wayne in the 2019 film Joker. In this film Thomas Wayne is portrayed much less sympathetically than in other incarnations.

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Is the new Joker movie on Netflix?

Is Joker available on Netflix? The short answer is Yes.

Is the Joker on HBO Max?

That same day will also see Joker leaving HBO Max, as the R-rated DC movie has been streaming there for nearly a year. Check out the full list of what’s leaving HBO Max in August 2021 below.

Is the Joker on now TV?

Don’t worry, we have big blockbusters and Sky Original movies you can stream instantly with your Cinema Membership. The chilling standalone story of the iconic villain, played by the Oscar-winning Joaquin Phoenix.

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